Coffee House:  All performers and tech crew should come to the stage at 9:15.  Please be on time. If you are absent for this meeting, we will have to assume that you are absent for the day.

There will be a brief meeting for the Junior Boys basketball team at the beginning of lunch in room 102.

All members of the Dominican Republic Team are asked to come to the Chaplaincy Office for a brief meeting immediately after announcements.

Student Success and Study Hall – all students are reminded that the Study Hall is available to them for school work at all points of the day.  Students are reminded to use the “sign in /sign out” binder at the door, and return to class immediately after signing out.

Will Gemma Gerritse please see Mr. O’Connor in the Study Hall immediately after announcements this morning.

There will be a very brief meeting at the beginning of lunch for the Improv Team in Room 322 – we have our competition dates!



Senior Girls Volleyball practice today EARLY after school….Also please meet in the town square for a brief meeting right at the beginning of lunch.

Coffee house

Performers:  See important information on the stage door.  TOMORROW, you will be called to the stage at 9:15.

Volunteers: see you right after school on the stage.  Get a late taxi, if you need one. We should be done in an hour.

Grade 10 students who are writing the practice literacy test should already be in their assigned classes from the list posted outside the student lounge. You will have one hour to write, then a break, followed by one more hour for Booklet two. Both booklets should be finished by lunch.

Teachers who are administering the Practice Test should have a package with booklets, an attendance sheet, and a script. Someone will be around to collect attendance shortly after the start of Booklet One.   

Sr. Boys Basketball:  Today after school, there will be a meeting for all those interested in  trying out for Sr Boys Basketball in the gym.


All students need to check the Practice Literacy Test Room Assignments posted on the window of the Student Lounge before the end of the day. Tomorrow, when you arrive at school, you will report to your assigned room for attendance and write two booklets for the practice literacy test. Booklet one will take approximately one hour to write followed by a break. You will then have another hour to write booklet two. Please bring a black or blue pen or a pencil to your assigned class tomorrow.

A reminder of the workshop at lunch today in the conference room for those teachers who have signed up.

Could the following students please come see Mme Schneider in room 216 at lunch today:  Deakon Flowers, Spencer Hoffman, Emily Bachenski-Stickwood, Samantha Belanger, Cory Peplinski and Thomas Powell.

Come to the spirit spot Friday morning to buy your Gourmet Hot Chocolate!  Student Council will be running this activity every Friday morning from now until Christmas holidays.

SAVE THE DATE, your Christmas Formal is Friday, December 14th.  More details to follow in the weeks to come.

Will the following students please report to the Study Hall immediately; Paige Petroskie, Danika Paquette, Matt Finan, Andrew MacAskill, Emilie Robinson, Eunice Cassanto, Matt Ripmeester, and Trinity Kaerbye.

Coffee House Volunteers:

  • Make sure you know what you are doing to help.  Ask Mr. Rowat if you need guidance. Thanks so much for helping out.

Coffee House Performers:

  • The  set lists for all three shows will be up today.  
  • We had to make some further cuts, but everyone will be in at least two shows.  Check to see if we have your correct tech information.

Senior Girls Volleyball practice LATE tonight. If you aren’t able to make practices you must let Miss Enright know by lunch time.

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